Aqualord: Marine World


Aqualord: Marine World

Aqualord: Marine World


by Moon Rising

A strategy game that focuses on building a new underwater marine world.

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Aqualord: Marine World
Aqualord: Marine World
Aqualord: Marine World
The story begins in the ocean... As the marine environment deteriorates due to pollution, as a member of marine life, it's time to seek a new sanctuary. However, finding a sanctuary alone is not enough. The ocean is filled with hidden dangers. How will you confront these perils?... Game Features: [Build Marine City] Lurking dangers surround the marine city. Expanding and fortifying the city to expand your territory and bolster its resilience is of utmost importance. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the needs of various marine species and their compatibility to create a more harmonious living environment within the city. [Summon Marine Spirits] The ocean is home to thousands of creatures – sharks, whales, dolphins, and more. Summoning them can provide significant assistance to the entire community, enhancing our ability to defend against external threats. Lead them in resisting these adversaries and confronting unknown dangers. [Form Alliances] In the perilous marine world, ensuring your safety and growth is a wise choice. Seek dependable allies to collectively resist external adversaries and strengthen your influence! [Develop Your Community] Numerous development paths lie ahead, granting you the freedom to mold your community as you see fit. Whether you choose to build an assertive or peaceful community, the decision is yours to make!

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