Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet


Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet


by Lifesum

More than a calorie counter: meal plans, intermittent fasting, habit tracker

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Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet
Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet
Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet
Personalized nutrition and healthy eating at your fingertips. More than a calorie counter, Lifesum helps you adopt nutritious diets that fit your lifestyle and taste. Achieve your weight loss goals while building healthy eating habits for life. 💚 More than 50 million people use Lifesum to find motivation and inspiration in their health journey. We made food tracking easy so you can make more healthy choices for your body and mind. ✨ Put your well-being first with Lifesum’s innovative technology and expertise of doctors, nutritionists, and professional chefs. 🥗 TOP LIFESUM FEATURES • Food diary with convenient barcode scanner • Calorie counter • Macro tracker (protein, carbs, and fats) and food rating • Water tracker • Diet plans for weight loss and body composition • Intermittent fasting plans • Meal plans with grocery lists to reduce stress • Integration with fitness trackers for in-depth health monitoring • Life Score test for personalized nutrition recommendations • Wear OS complications 🍏 WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTHY EATING Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve some of your eating habits, your nutrition plan should be all about supporting your personal goals. 🥑 Find the right diet for your taste and lifestyle: • Keto diet / Low carb - to reduce carb intake. Easy, medium and strict • Mediterranean diet - to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables • High Protein diet – to build more muscle mass • Clean Eating diet – to eat more wholesome foods • Scandinavian diet – to increase fiber intake and healthy fats • Climatarian diet – to eat healthier for you and the Earth ⏲️ INTERMITTENT FASTING If you want to choose when you eat over what you eat, explore our Intermittent Fasting plans, and fill your eating windows with nutrient-dense and delicious foods. • 16:8 Morning fasting meal plan • 16:8 Evening fasting meal plan • 5:2 Fast 2 days per week • 6:1 Fast 1 day per week 🛍️ MEAL PLANS WITH COMPLETE GROCERY LISTS • Vegan for a week • Intermittent fasting • 3 Week Weight Loss • Sugar Detox • Keto Burn / Low carb • Paleo • Protein Weight Loss 📱 ALL YOU NEED FOR A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE • Calorie counter, with the option to adjust your daily calorie goal and add/exclude calories burned through exercise. • Macro tracking and adjustable goals for carbs, protein, and fat intake. • Create and save your favorite foods, recipes, meals, and exercises. • Body measurement tracking (weight, waist, body fat, chest, arm, BMI). • A library of thousands of recipes with smart filters for quick results. • A weekly Life Score based on nutrition and exercise measurements, so you understand where you are and what's next to build the healthiest version of you. • Sync with health and fitness apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Runkeeper, and Withings to track your steps and exercise in real time. Track and integrate with Wear OS- A calorie tracker, water tracker or view your exercise on your watch face. The Wear OS app works independently, so it doesn't require the Lifesum app to be downloaded. The Lifesum app integrates with Google Fit and S Health allowing users to export nutrition and activity data from Lifesum to Google Fit and S Health, and import fitness data, weight and body measurements to Lifesum. Lifesum is free to download and use with limited features. For the full Lifesum experience, we offer 1-month, 3-month, and annual Premium auto-renewing subscriptions. Payment is charged to your credit card through your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless you turn off auto-renewal in Google Play account settings or cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. View our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:
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