Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle

Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle


by 37GAMES

Banish the cold by winning match-3 battles.


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Puzzles & Chaos is a match-3 fantasy strategy game that tells an ancient legend of a Frozen Land. A once prosperous continent now lies frozen due to the bizarre magic of the undead. The humans, dragons, and other magical creatures who once lived here perished, escaped, or were displaced to desolate lands. As a warrior, you are expected to remove the frozen seal, awaken the dragon, and rebuild your homeland using your innate strategic talents. Game Features: 1. Match-3 Battles: Remember! Matching is the key! Match magic tiles to release hero skills. 2. Explore the Unknown: A huge map for you to explore! Visit the Seer's Hut before marching for a head start in resource gathering. 3. Make Strategic Deployments: To fight against the undead, powerful troops are required! Recruit heroes and train units to form a powerful squad. 4. Free Construction: Customize the layout of your castle as you wish. Buildings can be placed anywhere you want! 5. Unite With Allies: Cooperation enhances the fun! By creating or joining an alliance, you will be able to rally against foes and share resources with your allies. 6. Raise the Dragon: How can there be no dragons in a magical world? Put the unfathomable power of the dragon at your disposal! Claim your own Dragon's Egg today!





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Sep 19 2023

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Mar 21 2023


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